Money Saving Approaches

We value engineer every project in order to provide maximum electrical performance at minimal costs.  Our efficiently engineered, efficiently installed systems can save significant amounts of money on materials and labor and we have historically been able reduce service sizes as well as electric bills.

Superior Quality- Attention to Detail- Money Saving Approaches

Licensed, Bonded, Insured- Permits for every Job- Every Inspection Passes

We our proud of the work we do and we back it in every way.  We are licensed, bonded and heavily insured.  We proudly pull a permit for every job we do and we take pride in our great reputation.

Attention to Detail

We believe that the devil is in the details and so we place a great importance on precision.  With great advancements in lighting technology, lighting must be installed accurately to provide uniform spotting.  Accent lighting must be installed with precision to achieve the desired result. 

Superior Quality- Experts in the field.

Every job that we do is done with the highest level of quality.  We know the code and we follow meet or exceed it. We calculate every load to ensure that our systems provide ample power without issues like voltage drop undersized circuits or services that don't meet the capacity requirements of the loads they serve.

In addition, our lighting systems provide the proper lighting for the application.  We use a variety of lighting technologies to achieve the proper lighting without over doing it.