Green Chicago Electrical Services offers a series of 12, four hour, classes designed to help you pass the City of Chicago exam and hold the coveted supervising electrician's license. These intense classes are specifically designed to help you prepare to take the City of Chicago Electrical License Exam.  Each class focuses on important concepts that are valuable, not only for the purpose of passing the exam, but also for the purpose of improving performance in the field.  These 12 classes will meet each Saturday from 10 AM to 2 PM or Tuesday Evenings from 6-10 PM at Quiroga College, 2114 W 22nd Place (Formerly St. Paul's School).  The total Cost of the 12 class package is $1500.  Sign up now for the fall session which begins on August 11th, 2018.  Simply fill out the form below and we will contact you.

Lessons Include:

  • Math for the Electrical Code
  • CEC Code Book Arrangement
  • Understanding Electrical Distribution
  • Residential Requirements
  • Branch Circuit Requirements
  • Services
  • Load Calculations
  • Special Loads
  • Grounding
  • Residential Cooking Equipment
  • Commercial Loads
  • Motor Loads
  • Appliance Loads
  • Special Services
  • Special Occupancies
  • Hospitals
  • Hazardous Locations
  • SIGN ME UP -  Fill out the information below and submit.  We'll get you on the list: